Dear Prospective Guest,

Thank you for considering an interview on the Nonprofit Rebels Morning Show.

Nonprofit Rebels is an uplifting show released on weekday mornings that features interviews with interesting people that have lessons to teach and hilarious and/or beautiful insights about life.

Prior to your interview, please find a quiet place free from noise and distractions where you can give your full attention to the conversation.

You will call the number on your Interview Confirmation. Recordings are on Thursdays. Please call-in on-time and ready for your interview. When you call-in you’ll have a short pre-chat with Ken. If you have something to promote share it with Ken during the pre-chat then get ready to jump right in!

Ken will lead the conversation and will usually start with the question, ‘Tell them how we know each other.” This is your opportunity to introduce yourself by saying something like, “Well, I’m ______________”. Tell your own personal story first (what you feel comfortable sharing), where you and Ken intersect, and end with the present-day.

Ken asks all of his guests the same first question, “In your eyes, what would the end of racism look like?” Answer this in whatever way feels comfortable for you. Ken might probe but will only do so if the energy is right. No answer is a dumb answer.

The rest of the show is simply a free-flowing creative conversation with Ken as the questioner. Follow Ken’s lead and feel comfortable engaging as you would in any telephone conversation.

If your schedule is unpredictable we ask that you commit to a session time that you are sure you can meet. Please click here to commit to an interview time.

Thank you again for your consideration.


From Lothrop Street Team

Other Notes

  • The video below offers some good tips on how to prepare for the Nonprofit Rebels interview
  • When interviewing people Ken knows in a non-professional setting, he will often ask random kind-hearted questions. See the video below for a quick tutorial of how to respond to on-the-spot questions
  • Use your real voice and speak in whatever way makes you feel comfortable even if it includes profanity, insensitive, or foul language. If Ken senses you have dug yourself into a “hole” he will help you try to dig yourself out
  • Ken will weave in your brand into the conversation so you get the most value of your appearance on the talk show, Ken will lead the introduction of your brand, cause, product or service.

Guest Types

  • Above Goal Clients, Partners & Affiliates
  • Family
  • Childhood friends
  • High School classmates
  • College classmates
  • Former coworkers
  • Former clients
  • Trench-workers
  • Nonprofit and fundraising industry leaders and professionals
  • Current/Former Detroit Public Schools Staff
  • Creatives
  • Teachers & Authors
  • Politicians
Sample Questions
As you can see from our guest types no two guests are the same. Ken invited you on Nonprofit Rebels for a reason, he thinks you’re interesting and wants other people to hear your interesting perspective. Our show can promise that the questions will be thoughtful, quirky, and high vibrating. Don’t worry. Be yourself! Below are a wide-range of sample questions that will help you get a sense of the Nonprofit Rebels flavor.
  • Share a memory of us from the time we were together
  • What would you do for free?
  • Tell us about a great vacation?
  • How have you changed since college?
  • What did you wish you knew then that you know now?
  • Describe Chicago to other Black people.
  • What’s your mission work?
  • Why did you get in this business?
  • What is the recurring trend in your industry?
  • Tell us about a time your business/consulting practice saved the day?
  • Is there something that people say in the sector that makes you laugh now?
  • How are you a rebel?
  • How did you talk about working at Northwestern High School to your adult friends?
  • What really happened at our Fall 2001 Northwestern homecoming?
  • Say something good about Northwestern?

Notes for political guests – Be ready to be asked several questions (in succession) about your public conclusions. Talking points will be called out as such. Interruptions and redirections by Ken are par for the course. Be real.

Sample Shows